Bio Body Control

Bio Body Control



Bio Body Control is a biomedical strategy where you have to safe your own life! In this game you are getting a role of a character who is totally sick. Your goal is to work out a strategy that will help you to get healthy, otherwise you will perish. 

This game was made in a sense to show how you should or shouldn't care about your health


- What happens when you are eat too much or not enough;
- What happens when you get cold and not treat it right;
- What happens when you do not pay enough attention to your health condition. 

HOW TO PLAY: First, you get a role of a sick person. Your goal is to get healthy using exercises, pills, home remedies and other types of treatments. 
Pay attention to tips and "help" that are going to provide you pieces of advice about right therapies you need to follow. 

Bio Body Control features:
- Think out a biomedical strategy to stay alive;
- It is all up to you - get healthy or perish;
- The game shows what you should and shouldn't  do while you are sick;
- Not typical game about how to be a doctor;
- Different difficulty settings;
- Thousands of ways to play the game.

Bio Body Control is not just a typical game about how to be a doctor. It will show what you shouldn't  do to get bad state of health and what you shouldn't do to make your condition worse. Play the game, think up the strategy and get healthy!