Beat Brain Challenge

Beat Brain Challenge



Training brain is essential. It can keep your brain active and makes it stay young for a longer time. There are a lot of ways to do it and most of all of them are here, in the Beat Brain Challenge. This app is suitable for people of any gender, age and occupation. 

HOW TO PLAY: Beat Brain Challenge contains 5 modes like mini-games (Calculation, Memory, Identifying, Coordination and Chance Modes). Follow the instructions according to the corresponding mode.
-Calculations Mode. Count in head as fast as possible and choose the right answer;
-Memory Mode. There are 9 pairs of objects – try to remember all of them and find matching pairs of objects;
-Identifying Mode. There is a combination of different figures. Guess what figures are involved;
-Coordination Mode. Swipe your finger the line connecting two points and avoid the obstacles in accordance with changing rules;
- Chance Mode. Tap and hold to grow the bubble as long as possible. But be careful - you don't get the points for bursting.

Beat Brain Challenge FEATURES:
- Real brain storm - The game can be a challenge considerably;
- 5 different modes (Calculation, Memory, Identifying, Coordination and Chance Modes);
- Enjoyable graphics and design;
- No gender, age or occupation restrictions.

Beat all challenges and become a hero for five times. These mini-games will explore all hidden corners of your brain and mind and will make them active like never before!