Attentive Eye Test

Attentive Eye Test



Attentive Eye Test is a great opportunity for you to test your vision skills and attentiveness! Various exercises will challenge your visual perception for you to find out how sharp your eye is! 

Your main task is to find the necessary spot by sight. It may sound easy to do until you actually try to complete these exercises. At the end of an exercise you will get your score, which can be improved at any time – the app keeps track of your results so you could actually see your progress. 

HOW TO TEST YOUR EYES: Get armed with your eyes and complete all the exercises! Do your best and don't forget to complete them again in future to improve your results!

Attentive Eye Test features:
- The whole set of exercises to test your vision;
- Accurate results;
- Progress graphs;
- Ultimate challenge for your eyes;
- Great-looking interface.