At The Zoo

At The Zoo



There is an interesting and educative app for your kids At The Zoo! Don’t you know how to busy your kid with profit? It’s time to improve your child’s recognition and concentration! They will learn to identify beautifully drawn animals by the sounds they make as well as the homes the animals live in. 

Let your kid to have an interesting adventure At The Zoo! There is fun and instructive game that allows to teach your toddlers to know different animals and their sounds. It includes sounds for the following animals: elephant, lion, tiger, monkey, zebra, giraffe a lot’s more! Enjoy colorful animal illustrations! 

HOW TO PLAY: There are three mini games for your choice. 
1) First, kids see where an animal lives and three different animals. Just drag the correct animal to its home to get to the next question. 
2) Second, the app plays an animal sound and lets kids to choose which animal makes that sound. 
3) Third, a game with a huge list of animals – kids have all the animals in one spot to learn animal sounds.

At The Zoo features:
- The animals and background are expertly designed with great kids appeal;
- The play is supremely simple, but mentally stimulating, culminating in learning the names of farm animals;
- Touch, see, listen, and discover technology. This game is an excellent first app for any baby or toddler.

This game allows to teach your kid the basics knowledge he/she never had known nothing about: what color the monkey is, who has big ears and etc. Make your child busy and happy for a long time – at home or on the go. Improve child’s thinking and come to enjoy this amazing educational game together with your children!