Animal Food

Animal Food



Funny animals are very hungry! They're waiting for you to come and feed them. Each of cutie prefer particular kind of food, so your aim is to find it and give to them. Hurry up, they cannot wait for too long! 

Learn new animals and food they eat with Animal Food - enthralling educational game for kids. This app will train children's memory, attention and teach new information about fauna world in an entertainment way! 
There are two modes: 
1. Feed all animals. Feed the animals with the food they eat. Tap on a picture of food and drag it to the bowl. If animal likes the food, it'll be happy, but if you made a mistake, try one more time. All the animals should be fed. But give them only thing they like!
2. Feed the selected animal. Choose one animal and feed it with the food it eats.

Animal Food features:
- Educational app for preschoolers;
- Improve your kids memory and attention;
- Different animals to study: dog, cat, rabbit, squirrel, wombat, lemur;
- Easy to use - your child can play it on his own;
- Realistic sounds of animals eating.

Play Animal Food - take care of your little friends, treat them nice and feed with tasty things they like!