Animal Alphabet Book

Animal Alphabet Book



Animal Alphabet Book is a perfect app to start learning English alphabet. Simplicity of this app makes it an ideal ABC book for babies. Full English alphabet is represented here as colorful flashcards with cute animals for each letter.

HOW TO USE: Tap the “play” button to start learning. Choose a letter and tap on it to see its big version and an animal that illustrates this letter.

You get points for playing time. The longer you play, the more points you score! There’s a particular amount of point you should get every day, but of course it’s possible to get more if you want. Moreover there’s a statistics showing the points you scored the previous days. 
If you worry that may spent too much time playing, set the timer and it will remind you that the time is over and you should stop the game.

Learn English alphabet with the help of lovely animals in Animal Alphabet Book! This app can be used not only to memorize letters, but also to learn and memorize animals, their names and colors.

Animal Alphabet Book offers:
- Great ABC book with colorful illustrations;
- Different animals represent appropriate letters;
- Helps to memorize English alphabet;
- Helps to memorize animals, their names, and colors.

Learn with fun and pleasure!