Ancient Statues Riddle

Ancient Statues Riddle



Everyone likes archeology, especially after all these movies about ancient cities!  And now you’ve got an excellent chance to take part in a real archeological investigation. Discover enchanting mysteries of an ancient world! Take part in new exciting adventure with Ancient Monuments Riddle that will take your attention for a long time! 

HOW TO PLAY: At the beginning you need to discover the remains of ancient monuments. They all lay hidden in the ground. Dig and try to collect all the fragments in your tray. Then you need to recreate these monuments placing matching fragments to their proper locations! The number of puzzle tiles will constantly increase.

Drag the fragment to the proper location on the board. If you are right – the fragments will be attached to the picture. Otherwise - it returns back. Also, if you want to improve your time results you can always restart the game from the very beginning. 

Ancient Monuments Riddle features:
- Multi-level and multilingual educational game;
- A nice opportunity to learn new information about ancient monuments;
- Discover hidden remains as a real paleontologist;
- Try to be quick and establish new records!

Complete all the ancient monuments riddles and reveal genuine information about them! Play Ancient Monuments Riddle and broaden your outlook!