Alphabetical Animals

Alphabetical Animals



Alphabetical Animals is a cute educational game for little kids developed to help them learn animals and practice alphabet. Funny animal will bring your children lots of joy, so studying won't be so tiring and exhausting. Alphabetical Animals gives kids an opportunity to get new knowledge playing entertaining game!

HOW TO PLAY: There are two modes in the game. In the first one - Alphabet - kids can learn animals and letters. Press the button with note to hear the proper reading of letter and word or sound the animal makes. In the second one - ABC - put all animals you see on a picture in the alphabetical order. Tap on the animal and drag it to the slot. Get stars for your answers!

Alphabetical Animals features:
- Perfect app to learn alphabet and animals at the same time;
- Useful educational game for kids;
- Big variety of animals: antelope, bear, cheetah, deer, elephant etc.;
- Real animal's sounds.

Enter the zoo world with Alphabetical Animals! Amuse your child and let him increase his knowledge with captivating animal game!