Alphabet Connect

Alphabet Connect



Alphabet Connect - is a new arcade game for all ages and is a great time killer. You have to match the letters for example from A to B, and connect them with a line. Try to go as far as you can matching the letters. Don't cross the line, but you can move through the letters. For example to match D and E you can cross C letter.

Be careful and try not to cross one letter many times as there will be a limit. If you don't cross correctly the game will be over. But don't be upset, click on replay, and try to get a new highscore!

HOW TO PLAY: Connect letters with lines, don't cross the lines, and go as fas as you can. You can cross the letters, but don't make it many times, as there is a limit.

Alphabet Connect features:
- Skill arcade game;
- Minimalistic design - connect the letters on a sheet of paper;
- Ability to cross the letters, but not the lines;
- Simple control and a great educational game.