Abacus - Simple Arithmetic Calculator

Abacus - Simple Arithmetic Calculator



Math may be extremely boring, don't you think so? Especially for kids, who start to learn this complicated science from the ground up. But we definitely don't want your kid to be bored exploring the amazing world of mathematics. Thats why we made Abacus - Simple Arithmetic Calculator special for your child to learn basic arithmetic processes and calculations with fun. Highly entertaining abacus mechanics won't let your kid feel bored and depressed. 

HOW TO USE: There are 8 rows with 10 beads in each. The lower row represents the ones, next row represents the tens, next one – the hundreds, the upper one – thousands and so forth. Move the beads to count whatever you need and solve mathematic tasks.

Abacus - Simple Arithmetic Calculator features:
- User-friendly interface;
- Intuitive control;
- Pleasant design and interface.

Arithmetic has never been so entertaining. Download Abacus - Simple Arithmetic Calculator so it will help your children to learn basic math calculations without boredom and depression.