50 Phrases To Succeed In Speech

50 Phrases To Succeed In Speech



50 Phrases To Succeed In Speech is a unique speech helper for you to present yourself as native-born orator. This application can really formalize, decorate and turn your speech into a polyhedral considered discourse. All the phrases, figures of speech and the other parenthesises that makes your language eloquent are collected here. Just choose what you need and use it in a right place.


There are several groups of lead-ins served to:
- Introduce your opinion
- Check that you've been understood
- Agree, disagree or partly agree
- Say something is not correct
- Discuss in different ways

You can also use their translations into Portuguese, Spanish and Russian. Every phrase can also be listened in English for better phonetics understanding.

50 Phrases To Succeed In Speech features:
- 7 various groups of phrases to help you in every situation and to say everything
- 4 different languages to build your harangue in English, Portuguese, Spanish and Russian.
- Audio support for all parenthesises