About Us

Education Terra is an entertainment media company, which develops educational games and applications for a wide range of users from toddlers to school children and students as well as their parents. Our products are compatible with the most popular mobile platforms such as iOS and Android.
With us you can get new knowledge quickly and easily. We offer applications for academic education as well as entertainment and educational applications.
Using our products you can study languages, geography, mathematics and other scientific disciplines. No doubt our applications will become your indispensable helpers at school and university.
On our site you can also find many useful entertaining applications: puzzles and educational games will help children and adults to improve observation, picturesque memory and imagination.
Series of children's educational applications will help kids to develop basic skills of reading and writing, learn mathematics, broaden knowledge, develop memory, diligence, logic and creative thinking in the form of a game. Applications providing the basics of natural, engineering and human sciences in an accessible manner  will be useful for school and university students. In addition to formal education our visitors have an opportunity to acquire practical skills necessary at any age. For example, first aid and touch typing.
Education is an integral part of everyone's life. No matter how old you are and how much you know, studying something new all the time helps self-development. Using modern technology you can make this process not only interesting, but also very convenient and affordable.
Grow up, develop and study new things with us!